Clinical Research and Projects

The Clinical Research Unit is one of the youngest units of the Düzen Laboratories Group. It was established in 1997 to meet the need arising in this field following the publication of the IKU guidelines by the Ministry of Health in December 1995 and to coordinate exclusively the laboratory services of clinical trials. Due to the performance shown in the clinical research projects carried out by our laboratory, "Covance Virtual Central Laboratories", one of the 3 largest organizations in the world in clinical research, selected Düzen Laboratory as a strategic partner in Turkey after conducting the necessary examinations. Globally prominent medicine firms have conducted audits in our laboratory within the framework of clinical research services and they have documented that the clinical researches conducted in our laboratory are in accordance with the rules of GCP (good clinical practice) and GLP (good laboratory practice).

  • In this context, the laboratory services of 418 clinical research projects have been completed so far and 68 studies are still ongoing.
  • Within the framework of clinical research services, there are collaborating laboratories in all provinces of Turkey.
  • We have couriers for clinical research services in 5 major provincial centers across the country and provide services for the transfer of clinical study samples. If samples for clinical trials are taken from the research center, our special couriers pick up the samples from the centers and transfer them to the laboratory.
  • All necessary conditions are provided for the transfer of clinical research samples. Samples are transported in special heat-insulated and impact-resistant sample transport
  • Our laboratory provides dry ice when necessary and ensures that samples are transported in dry ice (frozen).
  • As a requirement of the clinical study, samples that have completed laboratory work can be stored at -20 °C or -70 °C for the desired period of time.
  • During the transportation of the samples, care is taken to ensure that they comply with IATA 1.5 conditions.
  • In clinical trials, tests are performed on samples transported to the laboratory under appropriate conditions in accordance with TS EN ISO 15189 standards with the reference method or methods shown to give results parallel to the reference method and with the same instrument. The method and reference intervals are not changed during the clinical trial.

With its collaborating laboratories all over Turkey, private couriers in 5 major cities and 17 years of experience, Düzen Laboratories Group provides services in accordance with international standards, especially in multi-center clinical research studies.