International Services

We have selected the best reference laboratories for the desired analyses to ensure that our patients have access to tests which are not performed in our laboratory. The primary reference laboratory that we have a special cooperation agreement in this context is the Mayo Clinics Laboratory (MCL) located in the USA.


Düzen Laboratories has special agreements with other centers that are highly specialized in their services (Mayo clinic Laboratories USA, Cerba Laboratory -France, Labor Stöcker-Germany) and it is possible to send samples to international laboratories. The services provided by our laboratory are as follows: Selecting the best laboratory for test analysis, transporting it under appropriate conditions, tracking the analysis results and translating the reports into Turkish.


In addition, samples from different countries are also accepted by our laboratory and wide range of tests including biochemical, serological and genetic tests can be studied on request. If the particular test you are looking for is not performed in your region, you can contact us via sending an e-mail to or Once the evaluation of your request is completed, our team will get back to you with the related information.