Our Vision

Always showing the highest respect to patients’ rights, informing them, performing the tests using the most accurate, the best screenable, the most reproducable methods and aiming the minimum error, our vision is to prove how this concept becomes true by means of internal and external quality controls.

Our Mission

The responsibility of our lab upon the outcomes of the tests is restricted with working the results within the limits of clinical laboratory standards and excellent laboratory procedures having all the controls done. The test results are assessed taking the clinical findings and all other helpful data into consideration.


Our laboratory has been accredited in 2004 by Turkish Association of Accreditation (TURKAK) with TS EN IS IEC 17025. The Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology Departments and patient registration, sample collection, reporting of results, institutional facilities and the operating system as a whole are all accredited.

The Units Used in Test Results (SI)

While reporting the tests performed, international units (SI, Standard International) are used. In addition to SI units, a second unit is also provided for some test parameters. You can consult our laboratory for any change in the units.

Reference Limits

For most of the test parameters we work, the reference limits that are measured for our society are taken into account. In addition, for some tests like glucose or total chlesterol, the recommmended reference values of international institutes are used.

Former Test Results

Your test results are given together with the results which are measured at our laboratory in the last two years. Reporting your current results together with your former results increases the diagnostic value of the test performed.


Our laboratories are registered at CLSI programmes and follow their methods. The reproducablity of the results are verified by biologie Prospective and internal quality control samples, and the international complience is verified mainly by participating in 7 different quality control programmes.


The privacy of the performed tests at our laboratories is ensured with ultimate care and importance.

Türk Akreditasyon Kurumu Akreditasyon Sertifikası (Düzen Laboratuvarlar Grubu - Düzen Laboratuvarı (İn Vitro) Biologie Prospective - Assurance Qualité
NCCLS (Serving The World's Medical Science Community Through Voluntary Consensus) EQAS
Certificate of Participation The College of American Pathologists Awads this Certificate of Participation