A check-up is a general health screening. Periodic evaluation of the body health of healthy individuals ensures that possible diseases are diagnosed early and/or preventive measures are taken before the disease occurs. People who take care of themselves and their health have a check-up. In many chronic diseases, symptoms (signs) are mild, especially in the initial period. During this period, it will be difficult to diagnose patients with symptoms alone, whereas tests and radiological examinations performed during a check-up will help early diagnosis of these diseases that do not give symptoms or give very few symptoms. Especially early diagnosis of diseases such as cancer is extremely important. Early diagnosis of such diseases as a result of check-up screenings increases the success of treatment.

In our institution, check-up services are categorized according to age and gender. At each age, the examinations to be performed during the check-up vary. While deciding on the check-up program accompanied by our experienced doctors, information such as your age, gender and anamnesis, family health history are helpful.

During the check-up, in addition to blood, urine and stool tests, ECG, SFT, USG, abdominal USG, thyroid USG, effort test, mammography and PA chest radiography are performed. All results are received on the same day and evaluated by the check-up physician. The patient who comes for a check-up is followed up by the check-up physician.

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