Career at Biological Sciences Research Development and Production Inc:

We would like to welcome new colleagues who will adapt to the corporate culture of our company, follow contemporary developments and innovations, and accompany us in moving our organization forward with their work, knowledge, skills and qualifications.

Those who want to work with us in the headquarters and branch organizations of Düzen Laboratories affiliated to Biological Sciences Research Development and Production Inc. and in our other organizations can send us their resumes by following the General Application or Open Positions links. Your CVs will be kept in our CV bank for one year. All resumes received by us are examined and when there is a need for personnel, the resumes available in our records are prioritized.

How Can I Apply?

General Application Channels:

Those who wish to work with us in our group can send us their CVs via the following methods:

(The applications are stored in our system for one year).

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